We offer quality air conditioning services in Lanark for all makes and models, and you can get a FREE quote by calling 01555 663 711 or 07731 085 246.

Here at West End Mechanical Services, we understand how vital car air conditioning can be to the overall comfort levels inside your vehicle, and also know, good maintenance will ensure your system works with the greatest efficiency so you can control the climate inside your car. Regular servicing will ensure your air con works perfectly when you need it the most, so you’re not left baking during the hot and humid months.

Bring your vehicle to us, and we can provide you with a professional solution from basic servicing to temperature checking and more detailed levels of work, such as condenser replacements or repairs. If you need an air con recharge or would simply like us to check the gas levels in your AC system, we would be more than happy to complete this level of service for you. 

Our technicians offer a comprehensive car air conditioning service

All of our skilled auto technicians are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge about many different types of vehicles, they can perform servicing and repairs on any type of air con system, and specialise in the following areas:  

  • Car air conditioning service
  • Car air conditioning repair
  • Air con regas
  • Condenser repairs or replacement
  • Temperature checking and performance analysis

Whatever the level of work required, we make sure your air con is blowing cold and ready to serve you throughout the summer, and we offer FREE quotes and guarantee the quality of our servicing and repairs. 

Arrange an air conditioning regas in Lanark today

We believe in offering our customers a value for money solution here at West End Mechanical and when you bring your vehicle to us for an air conditioning service, we check every component for signs of damage, leaks or faults that could be affecting the performance of the system.

A service should be completed once a year to ensure the system is working properly and all refrigerant levels are topped up, and we would be more than delighted to complete this task for you.   

Find out more and book an air conditioning service in Lanark today. For the best price promise, contact us here at West End Mechanical Service or call us today on 01555 663 711 or 07731 085 246