See a warning light on your dashboard for the airbag, ABS or engine management mode and this could be a sign you need an engine diagnostic check as soon as possible. Warning lights are there for a reason. They tell you when something is wrong with your car, and the easiest way of checking them, and finding out what is wrong with the vehicle, is to have a car diagnostic check through an approved garage.

We can assist with this here at West End Mechanical Services Ltd by providing a vehicle diagnostics service in Lanark. Using advanced technology, we can check the warning lights on your dashboard and identify what is causing the fault, then fix the problem for you. 

What happens during an engine diagnostic check?

Engine diagnostics test the engine control unit (ECU) inside your car by scanning the system for fault codes. A device is plugged into a special socket inside your car, and this connects to the ECU, which then displays the unique error code. The system reads live data from the car and gives detailed feedback for any components that have failed.

The useful thing about car diagnostic systems is they tell you of any potential problems that might not be displayed through a fault light. You can then take action and fix early signs of faults before they become a major issue.     

There are many advantages to a car diagnosis and some of the more obvious benefits include:

  • Instant scanning of engine, brakes, airbags etc
  • Read and erase fault lights on dashboard
  • Investigate symptoms causing the vehicle to perform poorly
  • Quickly identify issues
  • Reset dash lights following a full car service 

Don’t have time to book engine diagnostics in Lanark? We’ll come to you!

If you have warning lights on your dashboard but don’t have time to visit us here at West End Mechanical Services, give us a call and we can come and visit you. We offer mobile engine diagnostics in Lanark, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Simply contact us, and we’ll visit you at home or at work and run a full diagnostic test. If we can fix the fault straight away, we’ll do so, to make life easier for you.   

Spotted a warning light on your dash? Arrange a detailed engine diagnostic and contact us.

If you are worried about lights on your dashboard don’t leave it any longer, let us diagnose the problem for you. We offer a speedy, reliable engine diagnostics service from our garage in Lanark and can find faults fast, giving you a competitive quote for any repair work that is involved.    

For more details don’t hesitate to contact us today or leave a message through our booking form. You can speak to us in person if you prefer about worrying warning lights, and call us today for immediate service on 01555663711 or 07731085246.